What Are Inferno Callouts in CS:GO?

When beginners move around the Inferno map, they rarely think about their location. If any of their teammates ask where they are, they'll most likely give confused answers. For example, “I'm in some small area not far from the spawn zone and I'm being attacked by the enemies!”

Experienced and professional players don't talk like that. They use a set of special words (callouts) to identify their current positions. It's much easier to say things like Pit, Library, or Graveyard than obscure phrases. This is especially cool at critical moments when enemies press you hard.

Inferno callouts have another advantage. They're well known among players from all over the world. Even if your allies don't speak English well, once you say Balcony or Banana, they understand where you are. This feature is very important for international teams.

General Inferno Blueprints

Inferno CS callouts are also great for developing tactical and strategic game plans. You can think of them like terms the military uses when planning their operations. These simple words perfectly describe the different parts of the locations where fierce battles unfold.

When you look at a detailed map with all the callouts, you get a lot of interesting ideas. Thanks to this general blueprint, it's easy to plan team actions aimed at winning. Finally, newbies can use this map to understand the slang of pro players who discuss certain aspects of the game.

Inferno Callout Map

As you can see in the image, there are quite a few Inferno callouts. If you’re striving to play like a pro gamer, you should eventually know them all. The same goes for the rest of the CS maps.

Inferno Callouts Main Positions

Each callout in this section must be learned first. Why? Because the callouts that we're talking about below are the main positions of Inferno. The sooner you memorize them all, the better. They're something like basic terms that every player should know. This will help you navigate the map faster. In some cases, you'll also gain an advantage over your rivals.


The Banana is located near the T Spawn. Many pros consider the Banana to be the key part of Inferno. Gamers who take control of the Banana have every chance of winning the round. Attack your enemies quickly and break through to the Banana at the first opportunity!

T Spawn

The T Spawn refers to Inferno callouts which are self-explanatory. It's easy to guess that the T Spawn is something like a base for the Terrorists. That's about all we can say about the T Spawn.

CT Spawn

The CT Spawn is the place in Inferno where the players who are facing the Terrorists start the round. As soon as you find yourself in the CT Spawn, run and take positions to contain the Terrorists. If you don't quickly leave the CT Spawn and get into good positions, they'll have time to plant a bomb and the explosion won't take long. So, don't admire the beauties of virtual Italy once you find yourself in the CT Spawn. Hurry up!

A Site, B Site

The A Site and B Site are places where the Terrorists want to plant their bombs. If the Counter-Terrorists don't want to lose, they must thwart their opponents by any means.

  1. A Site. After gaining control of your character in the CT Spawn, your team should focus on the following Inferno spots: the Balcony, Apartments, Arch, and Truck. The Terrorists should clear places like the Pit, Graveyard, Apartments, and Back Site.
  2. B Site. Is your starting position the CT Spawn? Watch out for the Banana! When you see enemies there, tell your teammate about it right away. Are you on the T Side? Break through the Banana first! Then focus on these spots: the Dark, Construction, Sand Bags, and New Box.


The Car is a spot located on the Banana. It's usually occupied by players who move towards the B Site. If you're approaching the Car from the side of the CT Spawn, use an incendiary grenade and throw it in there.


The Mid is the middle area of Inferno. Sniper duels usually take place in the Mid. You can get visual contact to the Mid from the Apartments. Snipers should learn all the features of the Mid as quickly as they can because they'll have to fight in this area repeatedly.

Second Mid

The Second Mid is a path to the A Site. Unlike other positions, the Second Mid is used less frequently. Many players find the Second Mid as an environment for their opponents. You'll see this quickly when you go to respawn a couple of times after meeting your foes in the Second Mid.

Long Hall

The Long Hall belongs to Inferno callouts that are easy to remember. It’s an area that looks exactly like it sounds: a long hall in the lower right corner of the map. You definitely won’t confuse this spot, located near the A Site, with anything else.

A Short

This is yet another place on the map that is useful for you to remember. Its main objects are a barrel, a bicycle, and a flower bed. On the left wall you can also see the large number 42.

Note that it's a great technique to use various objects to memorize callouts. It works equally well on Inferno and other maps. Try it and see for yourself.

The A Short leads directly to the A Site. Its Inferno Callouts are Graveyard, Close Left, Back Site, etc. When you enter this area, you'll most likely encounter Counter-Terrorist ambushes.

In addition to the A Short, Inferno has the A Long, which in turn contains the Long Corner. You can lurk there waiting for your enemies from the Mid side. When attacking this area from the Mid, stock up on Molotov cocktails. They'll help you burn your foes in this corner.

T Apps and CT Apps

During battles on Inferno, you can enter numerous buildings. You can get to certain places by passing through them. Two areas like these are called the T Apps and CT Apps. It's pretty easy to tell them apart. You'll find the T Apps not far from the Terrorist base. Accordingly, the CT Apps are located near the Counter-Terrorist camp. Alternative names for these callouts are the T Apartments and CT Apartments.


The Dark is a common spot for players who defend the B-Site. You can set up a great ambush in this dark corner. When you storm the B-Site, throw a Molotov cocktail at this dangerous place. If you're lucky, you'll get rid of the B-Site supporter waiting for you.


The Ruins are also called the Construction. Along with the Banana, the Construction is a critical position. Don't let your enemies take it. If you ignore this advice, your opponents will overcome the Construction and simply eliminate you. Never let your guard down when supporting the B Site.


If you attack the A Site, you should beware of snipers in the Library. They usually set up ambushes there. Masters of sniping choose the Library for 2 reasons. First, one of the bomb sites is perfectly visible from there. Second, the Library is a good position to control the Balcony.


You'll find the Kitchen in the T Apartments. This place belongs to the Inferno callouts, which sometimes cause difficulties for players to identify. It doesn't quite look like a classic kitchen. That's why confusion arises.


The Balcony leads to the A Site from the CT Apartments and the Close Apartments. Many players find that moving through this place is quite dangerous. You can easily get shot in the head here by enemies that control the area located nearby. Be extremely careful when you go out into the open. By the way, from the CT Apartments you can also get to the Mid Stairs.


If your team captain tasks you with controlling the Balcony, feel free to head to the Pit. By taking a position in the Pit, you can prevent your enemies from moving freely around the A Site. The Pit is the key to its defense. While you're in the Pit, it's very difficult for your foes to hit the A Site, either through the A Short or from other positions.


Once you get past the Arch, you can give your foes a lot of trouble. Let's say you play for the Terrorist team. Get to the Arch from the Mid side and you'll have a chance to eliminate your enemies controlling the B Site. You can easily identify the Arch by the standard rounding at the very top.

Other Positions

Sand Bags

T Ramp



New Box

Back Alley

Inferno is a map of choke points, cozy rooms, and narrow streets. There are many important objects here. For instance, the T Ramp is used to reach the Mid and Banana. The Boiler is a doorway in the Apartments. You get to the A Short from it. The water Fountain located in the top left corner has an original design. This is also where you can find the B Site. The sooner you learn the names of all these places, the easier it will be for you to play with the pros.

Understanding the Positions = Success in the Game

After installing and launching CS:GO for the first time, players jump into a world of dizzying adventures. Sitting in their cozy houses and apartments, gamers participate in hyper-dynamic battles. Each match gives them wild delight.

After some time, the players realize that their skills aren't perfect. Then, they start to look for info on how to improve them. As a result, they learn that CS:GO is a difficult game. To play at an average level, you need to know lots of important details. Callouts are one of them.

Callouts like Boxes, Top Mid, T Spawn, CT Apartments, B Site are something more than the names of certain places located on the map. They're the keys to success in the game. Thanks to them, you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

When you say Boxes, Second Mid, or B Site to your teammates, you’re pointing out spots in one or two words that would take quite a long time to describe otherwise. This is a significant advantage in battles where decisions are made in a matter of seconds.

If you want to be a successful player, learn callouts! Special game words such as B Site or CT Apartments should not seem like obscure gibberish to you. As soon as you hear them, you should immediately understand where a particular spot is located.


Communication between players is the key to victory in CS:GO matches. If you talk to your teammates in normal words and phrases, it'll be difficult for you to quickly react to the actions of your enemies. This problem is easy to solve if you learn callouts, from Arch to Second Mid.

The only thing you need to remember is that callouts sometimes change. Don't be surprised if the Mexico or Second Mid are called something else in the future. Until this happens, use the words and phrases that we told you about in this post. We're sure they’ll help you.


Is Inferno part of the Active Duty map pool?

Yes. Apparently, the developers don't plan to remove this map in the near future. It'll remain relevant for a long time and delight players with difficult but exciting matches.

What side is easier on Inferno?

Lots of players agree that this map is easier for CT teams to play because narrow paths lead to bomb sites here. If you play as CT and have little experience, you can successfully confront your enemies by choosing the right position.

How long does it take to learn CS:GO Inferno callouts?

It depends on your memory. To make it easier to remember callouts, you can mentally link their names to objects on the map. For example, T Spawn = paving stones + a lantern on the wall + wires above the ground.

What is the Boiler on Inferno?

This is a doorway and not a vessel for heating water as you might think. The closest spots to it are the A Short, Top Mid, CT Apartments, etc.

Is Inferno a CT-sided map?

Quite a few gamers think so, but their opinion isn't the ultimate truth. Numerous tournaments prove that you can play well on any map regardless of its features. Practice more often and you won't care where you kill your enemies.

How many bells are on Inferno?

You can see 4 painted bells on the wall near the T Spawn. They look like children's drawings. A large flower pot is to the left of them. You'll also find a gate with spikes to the right of the bells.

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