What are Nuke Callouts in CS:GO?

Imagine a map of your city with the names of streets, squares, monuments, etc. Callouts do the same. They're used to represent different positions on Nuke. For example, the Fork means the first room that the Terrorists come across when they leave the T Spawn.

You may have a question: why do you need to use callouts to mark key positions on the map? There are several reasons for this. First, they're convenient. It's much easier to say something like Ramp or T Spawn than it is to describe the objects you see at your current position.

Second, Nuke callouts unify communication between players. If their meaning is known, it doesn't matter which country the gamer lives in. Map callouts like Hut, Dark, or Big Box will be understood by an African, Chinese, or American person.

General Nuke Blueprints

Nuke is a popular map where the Terrorist team tries to plant bombs in 2 places: the A Site and B Site. The Counter-Terrorists seek to thwart their enemies in every way possible. If you've played Counter-Strike for at least 5-10 hours, you should be well aware of this game mechanic.

Although Nuke isn't a big map, it has many callouts. The lower level players often get confused about them. Some beginners don't even know they exist. Either way, you must learn all the callouts if you want to play at an average or pro level. The following map will help you do this.

Nuke Callout Map

Don't be put off by the sheer number of Nuke Callouts. You don't have to learn them all at once. Right now, it's much more important for you to know their names and read their brief descriptions. This is what we suggest you do.

Nuke Callouts CS:GO Overview

In this section, we'll tell you about the most important callouts which are located in different areas of the map. Let's get down to business!

T-Spawn and Outside

T Spawn

The T Spawn is the point on the map where the Terrorist team starts the battle. If you often play as them, you'll easily remember where the T Spawn is located. It's from the T Spawn that you'll try to get to the A Site or B Site to plant the bomb.

T Roof

The T Roof is located above the Lobby. To get access to this roof, find the ladder near the Terrorists' base. You'll definitely not miss this ladder if you look around carefully.

Silo or Marshmallow

The Silo is a pipe of impressive size. It's located not far from the roof. The Silo is one of the callouts that came to CS:GO from CS 1.6.

T Red

The T Red is a position that is located at a short distance from the Silo. Its name comes from the red container you can see there.


The Outside is the area near the T Red.


The Secret is the point on the Nuke map that indicates the stairs leading down. If you go down these stairs, you'll reach the B Site soon.


The Garage is one of the Nuke positions whose purpose is clear from its name. This is a large garage that you'll find right at the entrance to the Secret.


This is a blue box at the bottom right of the map.

The Small Box location

The Small Box is near the Blue, Main, and CT Vent.

The CT Box location

The CT Box is near the CT Spawn. It belongs to the key positions that are usually controlled by snipers.

CT-Spawn and A Plant

CT Spawn

Like on other maps, the Counter-Terrorists that fight on Nuke have their own spawn zone. Its callout is the CT Spawn. The CT Box we talked about above is just around the corner from the CT Spawn. If you wish, you can take this position as soon as you can control your character.


The Hell and Heaven are 2 positions next to each other. To be precise, the first is under the second. Many players think that the Hell is a good spot to protect a building with a nuclear block.


The Heaven is a spot that is above the A Site.


The Lockers callout identifies a small room near the stairs that you can use to reach the Heaven. This small room has lockers with blue doors, which is where the name comes from.


This is the entrance which you can access the A Site through.


The Vent gives you the opportunity to access the level under the A Site.


This area near the A Site is called Tetris because of the 3 boxes. One of them is on top of the other. If you climb these boxes, you'll get to the Hut.


The Mustang is at the top of the A Site. It's in the corner. In turn, this corner is next to the Hut exit.


This is a platform that runs along the back wall of the A Site where the Terrorists are aiming to plant one of their bombs.


When experienced CS:GO players say Hut, they mean a small building near the A Site. The Terrorists often appear from this small building to take control of the bomb site.

Lobby and Ramp

The Turn Pike location

The Turn Pike is a room near the Ramp.

The Stack location

When you're in the Ramp area, find the boxes in the lower right corner. This is called the Stack.


These are boxes in the lower left corner of the Ramp area.

Big Box

If you look at the image on the left, you'll immediately understand why this spot is called the Big Box. Callouts like this are easy to remember.


The Ramp is the name of the area leading down to the B Site.

Headshot/Back Ramp

To get into the Headshot position, you must move towards the back of the Ramp.


The Lobby connects different positions which allow you to reach some important spots on the map: the Ramp and the A Site.


You'll find the Squeaky near the Lobby. That's all we can say about this point on the map.

The Radio location

When you pass the Lobby, you'll enter a room from where you can move on to the Ramp. This room is called the Radio.


The Trophy is the room you'll end up in when you go through the Radio.

Control Room

The Control Room is the last location you need to get through to reach the Ramp. Its short name is the Control.

B Cross and B Plant


The Tunnels is a location with rather narrow passages. You'll enter the Tunnels from the Secret.

The Vents location

The Vents connect the Tunnels and the B Site.

The Back Vents location

The Back Vents is a passage that will take you to the Decon.


The Decon is the location where you get to right after the Back Vents. Once you're there, you'll find a door. This door precedes the path to the B Site.

Double Doors

The Double Doors is an entrance that leads to the B Site. To get to this entrance, you have to go through the Tunnels. This spot is easy to remember. Just imagine a doorway with an orange door on the left and the same one on the right. Together they form double doors.


The Window is a room that follows the Double Doors. You can see a couple of windows here, which is the reason for the name of this position.


The Dark means the position behind the red boxes with stickers that warn of radiation danger. To hide in the Dark, you need to move to one of the extreme points of the B Site.


The Toxic is the place where the Terrorists plant C4 explosives. To do this, they first reach the B Site and then proceed to its upper left corner.

The Default location

Players use the Default callout when they want to designate a location for C4 explosives. This spot is behind the nuclear reactor, which in turn is one of the objects of the B Site.

Bottom Ramp

The Bottom Ramp callout identifies 2 exits that lead to the B Site.

Other important callouts


The Bridge is the position to the right of the A Site. On the map on the left, you'll find its designation in the lower right corner. Follow the long white arrow with your eyes and you'll find the spot you need.

Vending Room

This is the room with the vending machines near the Trophy.

CT Red

The CT Red is a container at the Outside.


To gain an advantage over your online rivals, you must learn the callouts for all the CS maps. Nuke is a great choice to start with. It's not very big, and is easy to navigate.

When you learn all the callouts, it'll become much easier for you to chat with your teammates. You can replace whole phrases with 2-3 words. This is a huge advantage during any match.


Where is Nuke located in CSGO?

It's in the German Harz. Some game elements are proof of this. For example, the nuclear power plant that the Terrorists are trying to eliminate has the name "Harz Kernkraftwerk."

What is the Nuke Pin in CS:GO?

The Nuke Pin is a collectible. The rarity of this item is classified as High Grade. The drop chance is about 80%. If you want it, it won't be difficult for you to get it.

Can you get Nuke in CS:GO?

Yes. This is one of the standard maps that are available to you immediately after installing the game. You don't have to look for it in the Steam Workshop or other sites.

When was Nuke added to CS:GO?

This map was added to Counter-Strike in 1999. Since then, it has been an integral part of the game. However, the Nuke's design differs depending on the CS version.

How long is a CS:GO bomb?

After you plant the bomb in the A Site or B Site, you have 40 seconds before it explodes. During this time, defend the approaches and entrances to your site so that the Counter-Terrorists don't interfere with your plans.

What are the popular Nuke callouts?

The frequency of using callouts when communicating with teammates depends on the style of play and the side which the gamer fights for. That's why this question doesn't have a clear answer. Just learn all the callouts and you won't lose.

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