Best Weapons in CS:GO

CS:GO includes a lot of guns that have various characteristics like firing rate or armor penetration. These weapons are divided into categories, such as Rifles or Pistols. Each of them consists of particular war tools. Let's find out what types are available to gamers who play for the T-side or CT-side.


The pistols are the best weapons if you don't want to spend much money on your equipment. These guns are very cheap. Their range is short-medium. When bullets fired from the Glock-18 or Desert Eagle hit enemies, they deal decent damage to them. Finally, these war tools have high mobility which is an important advantage on the CS:GO battlefields.

Pistols Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
Desert Eagle 700 $ 300 $ 53 3.900x 7 230 48.0
R8 Revolver 600 $ 300 $ 86 4.000x 8 180 20.0
Dual Berettas 300 $ 300 $ 38 4.000x 30 240 27.0
Five-SeveN 500 $ 300 $ 32 4.000x 20 240 25.0
Glock-18 200 $ 300 $ 30 4.000x 20 240 18.0
P2000 200 $ 300 $ 35 4.000x 13 240 26.0
USP-S 200 $ 300 $ 35 4.000x 12 240 29.0
P250 300 $ 300 $ 38 4.000x 13 240 26.0
CZ75-Auto 500 $ 100 $ 31 4.000x 12 240 31.0
Tec-9 500 $ 300 $ 33 4.000x 18 240 23.0

Desert Eagle

Price 700 $
Rate of Fire 267 RPM
Reload Time 2.2 seconds
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 200 %
Headshot Damage 205/191
Rarest Skin Desert Eagle | Souvenir | Hand Cannon | Factory New

The Deagle is the best gun in CS:GO when you have to save every penny. This weapon is indispensable in battles where it's difficult to earn money to buy more expensive war tools. The Desert Eagle is also suitable for one-shot kills.

Despite the low price, the Deagle is quite a dangerous weapon when used by a professional player. However, pro CS:GO gamers perform genuine miracles with almost any weapon. If you strive to play like them, you must master all types of guns. The Desert Eagle is an excellent choice for your first steps on the path to your gaming greatness.

Advantages of the Desert Eagle
  1. Decent damage.
  2. High armor penetration and accuracy at long range.
  3. A low price.
  4. One-shot-kill even if an enemy has a helmet.


Price 500 $
Rate of Fire 500 RPM
Reload Time 2.5 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 90.2 %
Headshot Damage 130/118
Rarest Skin Tec-9 | Souvenir | Remote Control | Factory New

The Tec-9 is one of those CS:GO guns that have wonderful armor penetration. The damage of this deadly weapon is so high that enemies hit by it die from a single headshot. Even wearing a helmet won’t save your opponents from being eliminated.

The reload time of the TEC-9 is 2.5 seconds and its fire rate is 500 RPM. Among the disadvantages of this weapon, experienced players point out its high recoil. Due to this feature, the popular pistol isn't very suitable for rapid firing.

Advantages of the TEC-9
  1. Accurate shooting in bursts.
  2. Relatively good damage.
  3. The price of 500 $.


Price 500 $
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Reload Time 2.2 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 91.15 %
Headshot Damage 126/115
Rarest Skin Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast | Factory New | Stattrak

The Five-SeveN belongs to the group of CS:GO guns that are only available to Terrorists. In the original Counter-Strike game and its remake on the Source engine, this weapon wasn't very popular among the players. In CS:GO, things have changed.

The popularity of the Five-SeveN is due to its low price and good damage. Compared to the TEC-9, another popular pistol used by Terrorists, it reloads 0.3 seconds faster. In general, this is a great war tool for matches where players don't often have time to save up money for expensive weapons.

Advantages of the Five-SeveN
  1. One-shot kill of any armored opponent.
  2. The magazine capacity of 20 bullets.
  3. A reload in 2.2 seconds.


Price 300 $
Rate of Fire 400 RPM
Reload Time 2.2 seconds
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 100 %
Headshot Damage 151/96
Rarest Skin P250 | Modern Hunter | Factory New

With a 300 $ price tag, the P250 is one of the best weapons for the Pistol Rounds. In such battles, buying this gun will give you a slight advantage over your opponents. Once you get this thirteen-shot pistol, you'll kill your unarmored enemies a little faster. This also applies to your weakly armored foes.

Since 2013, the characteristics of the P250 have changed several times. The last time it happened was in 2017. The developers increased the base damage of the weapon but reduced its penetrating power. It's quite possible, its stats will change again in the future.

Advantages of the P250
  1. Low recoil.
  2. Good damage to armored enemies.
  3. Available to Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists.


Shotguns aren't a very popular category of CS:GO guns. The main disadvantage of these weapons is their short range. These aren't universal war tools like many pistols or rifles. They're more suitable for specific tasks. For example, earning money during the Eco Round. Shotgun kills give players the highest cash awards in the game. This is a useful feature when you constantly run into money problems.

Shotguns Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
Mag-7 1300 $ 900 $ 30 4.000x 5 225 165.0
Nova 1050 $ 900 $ 26 4.000x 8 200 143.0
Sawed-Off 1000 $ 900 $ 32 4.000x 7 210 143.0
XM1014 2000 $ 900 $ 20 4.000x 7 215 80.0


Price 1300 $
Rate of Fire 71 RPM
Reload Time 2.4 seconds
Faction Counter-Terrorists
Armor Penetration 100 %
Headshot Damage 120/90
Rarest Skin MAG-7 | Cinquedea | Factory New

The MAG-7 is a CS:GO shotgun that is exclusively used by Counter-Terrorists. Although this noteworthy gun inflicts significant damage, it's only effective at close range. But when you do successfully hit any enemy with the MAG-7, you're very likely to instantly eliminate your target.

If you're looking for the best weapons for ambush kills, this shotgun will definitely come in handy. As for direct clashes with opponents, it's hardly a viable pick. In addition to the bad firing rate, the MAG-7 has a magazine with the lowest capacity compared to other shotguns.

Advantages of the MAG-7
  1. The best mobility in its weapon category.
  2. Perfect for ambush kills.
  3. A high kill reward.


Price 1050 $
Rate of Fire 68 RPM
Reload Time 0.5 seconds per shell
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 50 %
Headshot Damage 106/52
Rarest Skin Nova | Bloomstick | Factory New | StatTrak

The Nova can be bought by both sides of the in-game conflict. Despite its low rate of fire, this war tool is very dangerous. One well-aimed hit leaves no chance for your enemies to survive. The main thing is to get as close to them as possible and shoot at any part of their bodies.

Some CS:GO players find the Nova not a very good weapon due to its low armor penetration. Indeed, this characteristic is the lowest one among shotguns. But if you perfectly master such a formidable weapon that is the Nova, you won't care about its disadvantages.

Advantages of the Nova
  1. The cheapest shotgun.
  2. The lowest bullet spread among shotguns.
  3. An almost 100 % kill guarantee when shooting at close range.


The SMGs are CS:GO guns for players who like dynamic battles with constant shooting and moving around the map. These carbines are practically useless in encounters with armored enemies. On the other hand, they kill soldiers without armor pretty quickly. Experienced players recommend using submachine guns for rush attacks or in the so-called Anti-Eco Rounds.

SMGs Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
PP-Bizon 1400 $ 600 $ 27 4.000x 64 240 18.0
MAC-10 1050 $ 600 $ 29 4.000x 30 240 18.0
MP7 1500 $ 600 $ 29 4.000x 30 220 16.0
MP5-SD 1500 $ 600 $ 27 4.000x 30 235 16.0
MP9 1250 $ 600 $ 26 4.000x 30 240 19.0
P90 2350 $ 300 $ 26 4.000x 50 230 16.0
UMP-45 1200 $ 600 $ 35 4.000x 25 230 23.0


Price 1250 $
Rate of Fire 857 RPM
Reload Time 2.1 seconds
Faction Counter-Terrorists
Armor Penetration 60 %
Headshot Damage 104/61
Rarest Skin MP9 | Wild Lily | Factory New

The MP9 is the Counter-Terrorists’ weapon with fast movement speed. This compact war tool also has high accuracy when players move or shoot. Such a useful feature is balanced by the lowest damage among the CS:GO machine guns.

The MP-9 is a great weapon for the Anti-Eco Rounds. In battles like these, you can easily make headshots with it. If you are a born shooter, your unarmored enemies will die by the dozens from your well-aimed shots. Not good at shooting? Don't worry. Play a couple thousand matches and you will turn into a real terminator!

Advantages of the MP9
  1. Outrageous rate of fire.
  2. High damage against unarmored enemies.
  3. A fast reload.


Price 1050 $
Rate of Fire 800 RPM
Reload Time 2.6 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 57.5 %
Headshot Damage 114/65
Rarest Skin MAC-10 | Stalker | Factory New | StatTrak

There are lots of great weapons among the CS:GO guns for Terrorists. The MAC-10 is an excellent example. You should buy this war tool when you don't have much money. You’ll recoup your investment 2 kills later. 1050 $ is its cost and 1200 $ is your reward (2 * 600 $).

The MAC-10 isn't a good choice for long range shooting. If you have to aim at an enemy who is far away, try single-fire mode. This weapon is extremely powerful in rush attacks. To successfully use it, you need to learn how to manage its recoil.

Advantages of the MAC-10
  1. The cheapest SMG.
  2. A quick reload.
  3. Effective in rush attacks.


Price 1200 $
Rate of Fire 667 RPM
Reload Time 3.5 seconds
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 65 %
Headshot Damage 140/90
Rarest Skin UMP-45 | Fade | Factory New

The UMP-45 is a fantastic weapon for 2 types of CS:GO rounds: Eсo and Anti-Eco. It's cheap and has decent damage. Each time you kill an enemy with this gun, you'll be rewarded with 600 $ in the Competitive Matches. In the Casual Mode, your cash prize is 2 times less (300 $).

Due to its low rate of fire, the UMP-45 has a controllable recoil. However, this weapon is not without its faults. First of all, it's equipped with a low-capacity magazine. When it's empty, you have to wait as much as 3.5 seconds before the reload ends.

Advantages of the UMP-45
  1. A double kill reward.
  2. A controllable recoil.
  3. A weapon for both factions.

Assault Rifles

The assault rifles are CS:GO guns that players use the most. They're found in almost every battle. The great popularity of these weapons is due to their high damage and accuracy. You should get an AK-47, AUG, FAMAS or other war tool from this category as soon as possible. The faster you buy it, the higher your chances of eliminating your enemies without any hassle.

Assault Rifles Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
AK-47 2700 $ 300 $ 36 4.000x 30 215 30.0
AUG 3300 $ 200 $ 28 4.000x 30 220 24.0
FAMAS 2050 $ 300 $ 30 4.000x 25 220 20.0
Galil AR 1800 $ 300 $ 30 4.000x 35 215 21.0
M4A4 3100 $ 300 $ 33 4.000x 30 225 23.0
M4A1-S 2900 $ 300 $ 38 3.475x 25 225 25.0
SG 553 3000 $ 300 $ 30 4.000x 30 210 28.0


Price 2700 $
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Reload Time 2.4 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 77.5 %
Headshot Damage 143/111
Rarest Skin AK-47 | Wild Lotus | Factory New

The AK-47 is a legendary assault rifle utilized by the Terrorists. This astounding weapon quite often occupies the top positions in the popularity ratings of CS:GO guns. Players prefer this war tool for its range and firepower. When a bullet fired from this rifle hits the head of a helmeted enemy, the latter dies immediately.

The AK-47 would be the perfect weapon if it didn't have 2 drawbacks. The first one is the inaccuracy that is hard not to notice after taking several shots. The next problem is its high recoil. The spray pattern of the opening shots is evidence of this. It clearly shows that the war tool has a strong upwards recoil. To compensate, players are forced to make more mouse movements.

Advantages of the AK-47
  1. High accuracy of the first shot.
  2. Better shooting efficiency compared to M4A4 and M4A1-S.
  3. The number one Terrorists weapon.
Price 3300 $
Rate of Fire 600 RPM
Reload Time 3.8 seconds
Faction Counter-Terrorists
Armor Penetration 90 %
Headshot Damage 112/100
Rarest Skin AUG | Akihabara Accept | Factory New

If the accuracy of the first shot is important to you, the AUG is your primary weapon provided you're aiming through the scope. This war tool is also effective against armored enemies with full health. One headshot at point-blank range, and your opponent is temporarily sent to Valhalla.

The AUG is best fired in single shots or short bursts. Thanks to this, the strong recoil that occurs during full-auto firing without an optical sight won't prevent you from hitting the target. We should also add that this weapon costs 3300 $ and has a reload time of about 4 seconds.

Advantages of the AUG
  1. An optical sight.
  2. A guaranteed headshot kill at close range.
  3. High accuracy of shooting at distant targets.


Price 2050 $
Rate of Fire 665 RPM (Auto), 800 RPM (Burst)
Reload Time 3.3 seconds
Faction Counter-Terrorists
Armor Penetration 70 %
Headshot Damage 120/84
Rarest Skin FAMAS | Roll Cage | Factory New | StatTrak

The FAMAS is a cheap and popular CS:GO assault rifle. For only 2050 $, you get a powerful gun with a mode that allows you to shoot in bursts. Apart from this war tool, only one other weapon has such a useful and valuable feature: the Glock-18.

After you purchase the rifle, the FAMAS fire mode is set to full-auto. To switch to firing in bursts, you must press the key responsible for this action. We specifically mention this feature because lots of beginners often forget about the additional shooting mode.

Advantages of the FAMAS
  1. Fire rate up to 800 RPM.
  2. Shooting in bursts.
  3. A low recoil.

Galil AR

Price 1800 $
Rate of Fire 667 RPM
Reload Time 3 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 77.5 %
Headshot Damage 120/92
Rarest Skin Galil AR | Orange DDPAT | Factory New | StatTrak

There is no cheaper assault rifle in CS:GO than the Galil AR. Another feature of this gun is its increased magazine capacity – this beauty houses 35 rounds. This gives you 5 more shots compared to other war tools in this weapon category.

Pro players think that the major drawback of the Galil AR is its inability to kill armored enemies at full health in a single headshot. If you are a beginner, you don’t really need to worry about this shortcoming. Once you've mastered the art of headshotting, you will no longer care what weapon to use to eliminate your enemies!

Advantages of the Galil AR
  1. The cheapest assault rifle.
  2. The largest magazine capacity among assault rifles.
  3. An exclusive Terrorists weapon.


Should we compile a list of the most unpopular Counter-Strike weapons, the MGs would most likely be at the very top of it. Players don't like these guns for several reasons. For one, CS:GO machine guns have low accuracy and movement speed. Despite the significant shortcomings of these war tools, even they are sometimes useful.

MGs Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
M249 5200 $ 300 $ 32 4.000x 100 195 25.0
Negev 1700 $ 300 $ 35 4.000x 150 150 20.0


Price 1700 $
Rate of Fire 800 RPM
Reload Time 5.7 seconds
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 71 %
Headshot Damage 140/99
Rarest Skin Negev | Mjölnir | Factory New

The Negev magazine holds 150 rounds. This is the only weapon in CS:GO that slows the player down while they fire it. So, if you are a fan of the run-n-gun tactics, using this heavy and multi-shot machine gun is definitely not for you.

The Negev is suitable for suppressing opponents. The point is: you start firing and don't let your enemies pop out of their cover. While you're shooting 150 rounds, your teammates are getting close to the foes and finish them off up close.

Advantages of the Negev
  1. A 150 round magazine.
  2. Effective for group kills.
  3. Extremely dangerous at close range.

Sniper Rifles

Like in real life, each CS:GO sniper rifle is a perfect weapon for killing enemies at long range. Although players are given little money for eliminating their opponents with this war tool, it can turn the tide of any battle. An experienced sniper shoots enemies with the highest accuracy while remaining out of reach for their weapons.

Sniper Rifles Price Kill Award Damage Headshot Multiplier Magazine Size Mobility Recoil Amount
AWP 4750 $ 100 $ 115 4.000x 10 200 78.0
G3SG1 5000 $ 300 $ 80 4.000x 20 215 30.0
SCAR-20 5000 $ 300 $ 80 4.000x 20 215 31.0
SSG 08 1700 $ 300 $ 88 4.000x 10 230 33.0


Price 4750 $
Rate of Fire 41 RPM
Reload Time 3.7 seconds
Faction Both
Armor Penetration 250 %
Headshot Damage 459/448
Rarest Skin AWP | Souvenir | Dragon Lore | Factory New

At first glance, the AWP magazine doesn't hold many rounds. It contains a mere 10 munitions. However, this is usually enough for aces of long-range shooting to deal with a similar number of their enemies. This weapon is so powerful that bullets fired from it can easily penetrate any armor.

In the army, snipers undergo lengthy training. This applies equally to CS:GO. Mastering the art of shooting a sniper rifle will take more than a dozen hours. The complexity of using it is one of the main disadvantages of the AWP.

Advantages of the AWP
  1. Insane damage.
  2. Incredible armor penetration.
  3. Highest long-range accuracy.


Price 5000 $
Rate of Fire 240 RPM
Reload Time 4.7 seconds
Faction Terrorists
Armor Penetration 82.5 %
Headshot Damage 316/263
Rarest Skin G3SG1 | Chronos | Field-Tested

When you use the G3SG1 without a sniper scope, the rifle doesn't fire accurately. Things change as soon as you activate the scope. Enemies that have settled in the distance become visible at a glance. Now all you need to do is aim well and shoot their heads off.

It's interesting that the G3SG1 doesn't have a StatTrak variant. The skins of this rifle are also inexpensive. The price of the most valuable item is just over 240 $. By comparison, some AWP finishes cost thousands of dollars.

Advantages of the G3SG1
  1. Kills an enemy in 1-2 shots.
  2. Higher speed than other sniper rifles.
  3. A 20 round magazine.

Which Weapon to Use in Which Situation in CS:GO

In this section, we'll give you lists of weapons to use in certain situations. The information below is especially useful for novice players. It helps you to decide in advance on the choice of war tools for various Counter-Strike rounds.

Pistol Round

Guns Hints
  1. USP-S.
  2. P2000.
  3. Glock-18.
  4. Five-SeveN.
  5. CZ75-Auto.
  6. Tec-9.

- Play with default guns and use the money you earn to buy armor or utilities.

- If you are playing as the Terrorists, it makes sense to upgrade your weapons sometimes. In this case, you can purchase the CZ75-Auto or Five-SeveN.

Eco Round

Guns Hints
  1. P250.
  2. Tec-9.
  3. CZ75-Auto.
  4. Desert Eagle.
  5. Nova.

- Always remember that you're on a tight budget. Therefore, buy guns only when you know exactly what to do with them.

- Since you're constantly forced to save money, only buy cheap guns. After making the purchase, try to deal the most economic damage to your opponents or kill 1-2 enemies to get trophy weapons.

Anti-Eco Round

Guns Hints
  1. Mac-10.
  2. MP7.
  3. MP5-SD.
  4. MP9.
  5. Negev.

- Buy SMGs because in the Anti-Eco Rounds your opponents will most likely be unarmored.

- If you're a Counter-Terrorist, learn how to use the Negev. This weapon is sold at a relatively low price and has a high firing rate. In the right hands, it will bring great benefits to your team.

Full Buy Round

Guns Hints
  1. AK-47.
  2. M4A4.
  3. M4A1-S.
  4. AWP.
  5. FAMAS.
  6. Galil-AR.
  7. SG 553.
  8. AUG.
  9. SCAR-20.
  10. GSG31.

- The AWP, AK-47, M4A4, M4A1-S are the best guns for any Full Buy Round.

- The AK-47 is the weapon of choice for the Terrorists. Using this assault rifle, you'll be able to kill armored enemies with a single headshot. Regardless of distance.

- Despite its high price, the AWP brings great benefits to both factions. Especially if the legendary rifle falls into the hands of an experienced sniper.

Force Buy Round

Guns Hints
  1. FAMAS.
  2. Galil-AR.
  3. UMP-45.
  4. SSG-08.
  5. MAG-7.
  6. P90.
  7. XM1014.

- In the Force Buy Round, the UMP-45 is a good choice because it has high penetration power. This gun will help you to kill armored opponents more easily and quickly.

- To win, play aggressively and use the features of your weapons to the maximum advantage for the team.


Which is the best gun in CSGO?

The AK-47. At least, lots of players think so.

What is the easiest gun in CSGO?

There is no easiest gun in the game. There are only weapons that you either know how to use or not. If you want to play like a pro, you must master all CS war tools.

What is the fastest shooting gun in CSGO?

The CZ75-Auto.

What guns are meta in CS:GO?

The AWP, AK-47 and Desert Eagle.

Which is the best SMG in CS:GO?

The MP9.

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