What is CS:GO Danger Zone?

CS:GO Danger Zone belongs to the so-called battle royale games. This game mode is designed for 18 players. During the match, they not only fight with each other, but also get various equipment. Battles take place on special maps that are constantly decreasing in size.

In Danger Zone game mode, the winner is the player who is lucky enough to be the last one alive. One of the features of such competitive matches is that teams include up to 3 gamers. In addition, Danger Zone includes new weapons along with the ones that are already familiar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fans.

In this game mode, a lot of weapons can be found right on the map. Before entering the battle, you have the option to choose the location for your spawn. After you join the game, you can find some cash or weapons and begin to kill your enemies caught in the Danger Zone with you.

The money found in Danger Zone mode is spent on buying useful items. To do this, you must place an order using your tablet. After some time, the purchased equipment will be delivered by drone. Note that similar mechanics are used in many other games, not only in Danger Zone.

During competitive matches in the Danger Zone, the drone can deliver a variety of equipment to you. For example, you can order gadgets to gain an advantage over your opponents or health boosters to increase your survivability in this game mode. The main thing is to buy items wisely.

When making purchases in Danger Zone mode, you must clearly understand what one or another piece of equipment is for. This is the most important tactical component of the game. If you neglect it, your Danger Zone enemies will kill you with ease.

What’s the CS:GO Danger Zone rank system?

Let's start with the fact that only the developers of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive know how Danger Zone ranks work. This is kept secret so that players don't abuse the promotion of ranks. On the other hand, some facts about the Danger Zone ranking system are still known to gamers.

CS:GO Danger Zone ranks are something like an indicator of the professionalism of a particular player. The higher the rank, the cooler the gamer. In this respect, the rank system of the Danger Zone is very similar to an army in real life.

When men or women join the army, they're given the rank of private. Depending on the country, the following ranks may be corporal, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major, colonel, etc. The Danger Zone ranking system is designed according to the same simple principle.

The Danger Zone has 15 ranks. The first one is Lab Rat I and the last one is The Howling Alpha. When you play, the ranking system takes into account a wide range of factors. Based on them, it decides whether to promote you to the next rank or not. That's how the Danger Zone ranks work.

What are the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks?




Lab Rat I

You're a lab rat! What could be worse? This Danger Zone rank is the lowest and least reputable.

Lab Rat II

You're still a lab rat which other inhabitants of the Danger Zone perform cruel experiments on. We recommend that you work hard to get the next rank as soon as possible.

Sprinting Hare I

Rat life is left behind. You're a hare now and take the honorary third step in the ranking system.

Sprinting Hare II

Yet another Danger Zone Rank which the developers named after the hare. Apparently, one of them is very fond of this cute but extremely shy animal.

Wild Scout I

Among the Danger Zone rankings, this one is a cross between the lower and middle leagues. Think of it as your first confident step to future greatness.

Wild Scout II

You continue your progression within the in-game ranking system. You're already well versed in the rules of Danger Zone and know how to survive on its battlefields.

Wild Scout Elite

This is your first elite Danger Zone rank. Make it to Wild Scout Elite and you'll be taken seriously by many players.

Hunter Fox I

Danger Zone ranks work in such a way that moving up the gaming career ladder doesn't seem like a cakewalk for players. That's why reaching the Hunter Fox I rank can be considered as a great achievement.

Hunter Fox II

You feel right at home in the Danger Zone. Other gamers are happy to see you on their teams. Despite this, there is still much to be done.

Hunter Fox III

The penultimate step before the elite rank. Only a little bit further, and you'll become a master of fox tricks and deceit.

Hunter Fox Elite

Without a doubt, Hunter Fox Elite is one of the hard-to-reach CS:GO Danger Zone ranks. Joining the league of the best players of this CS mod is just around the corner.

Timber Wolf

The doors of the major league are opening for you! Like a timber wolf, you roam the Danger Zone and ruthlessly kill enemies who are unfortunate enough to be in your way.

Ember Wolf

Congratulations, you've become a real predator that is better not to meet on the winding paths of the Danger Zone.

Wildfire Wolf

You’ve ascended through most of the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks. Will you be able to make the final push and reach the top?

The Howling Alpha

You're at the top of the food chain! The Howling Alpha is a mega-predator that doesn't leave its opponents a single chance. There is no higher rank in this game mode.

How do I get and change ranks in CS:GO Danger Zone?

To start earning CS:GO Danger Zone ranks, you must win 3 matches. Based on your skills, the ranking system will award you a rank. Further advancement on the gaming career ladder will depend on your performance. The more often and better you play, the faster your rank grows.

You may have a question: what factors should I take into account in order to get through all the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks in no time? Unfortunately, no one can answer it. The developers keep their secrets well and don't want to share them.

We understand that for most players this seems unfair. However, there is nothing we can do. These are the rules of the game. But no one forbids us to speculate. So, many experienced players think that the following 3 factors affect the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks.

1. The number of enemies killed. When you easily eliminate dozens of enemies, this most likely indicates your great skill. A player like this has every right to a higher rank.

2. Match results. Cool players usually take the highest places in the final standings. This means that they're well versed in the mechanics of royale battles and deserve to be promoted.

3. Ranks of other players. We mean gamers who ended up in the same match with you. If you can easily kill higher-ranked opponents, it may be time to increase your own rank.

We don't know what effect each of these factors has on the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks. You can kill 100 enemies and still be Sprinting Hare II or Wild Scout I. Or you can participate in just 3 matches and get a new rank. Nothing can be guaranteed.

There is also a theory that the speed of promotion on the in-game career ladder depends on the current rank. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to get to the next rank. This opinion seems pretty reasonable because many other games use the same mechanics.


What are the ranks in Danger Zone?

There are 15 CS:GO Danger Zone ranks: Lab Rat I => Lab Rat II => Sprinting Hare I => Sprinting Hare II => Wild Scout I => Wild Scout II => Wild Scout Elite => Hunter Fox I => Hunter Fox II => Hunter Fox III => Hunter Fox Elite => Timber Wolf => Ember Wolf => Wildfire Wolf => The Howling Alpha. For a detailed description of each of them, see the section "What are the CS:GO Danger Zone ranks?"

How do you rank up in Danger Zone?

To rank up, you need to kill your enemies as often as possible and strive for high places in the final standings. In other words, you must constantly improve your gaming skills. Then, getting new ranks won't be difficult.

Is CS:GO Danger Zone popular?

Yes. Maybe it's not as popular as standalone battle royale games, but CS:GO fans actively play this mode. If you've never done this before, we highly recommend giving it a try. Who knows, maybe someday you'll be the next Howling Alpha.

What is a good CS:GO rank?

In the context of CS:GO Danger Zone ranks, it’s Hunter Fox I and above. In general, it’s Master Guardian I. It covers more than a third of Counter-Strike players.

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