How to Earn Ranks?

In each match, fight to perform your absolute best. Rush into the thick of exciting battles, plant or defuse bombs and try to bring maximum benefit to your team. In theory, if you regularly become MVP, the rank increase won't be long in coming.

The developers of the game keep secret the algorithms of the system, which is responsible for increasing or decreasing ranks. Their actions are fully justified. Otherwise, cheaters would be able to exploit CSGO vulnerabilities to boost their in-game ratings.

However, players still know the key details of how the ranking system works. New players embark on their journeys with a zero rank. To obtain a better one, they must win 10 competitive matches. It will take some time.

According to the game rules, you're able to play only 2 qualifying matches per day. After 10 competitive matches, the system will determine your current rank. The better you play, the higher your skill rating will be.

Note that the CS:GO ranks don't solely increase. They go down when the players often lose. Conversely, frequent wins guarantee an increase of the player’s rating. The conclusion is obvious: if you want to reach the maximum rank, try to lose as little as possible.

Rank Table

Silver I Silver I
Silver II Silver II
Silver III Silver III
Silver IV Silver IV
Silver Elite Silver Elite
Silver Elite Master Silver Elite Master
Gold Nova I Gold Nova I
Gold Nova II Gold Nova II
Gold Nova III Gold Nova III
Gold Nova Master Gold Nova Master
Master Guardian I Master Guardian I
Master Guardian II Master Guardian II
Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite
Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Legendary Eagle Legendary Eagle
Legendary Eagle Master v
Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Global Elite Global Elite

The CSGO ranks are divided into 4 skill groups. The first rank is Silver I and the last one is Global Elite. To find out your current position in the ranking table, just go to the main menu and look in the left corner. The picture below shows where to find the information you need.

Each of the 4 groups has its own name. The first of these is called Silver. The next 2 groups are known as Gold Nova and Master Guardian. The higher ranked players are a part of the Elite team. They aren't just playing, but performing genuine miracles in the CSGO battle arenas!

To master the first rank, you need to understand the basic features of the game. If you want to pave the way to the top of the ranking table, you'll have to give it your best. Only the most persistent and motivated players become real champions.

CS:GO Ranks Distribution

As you can see, most of the players have CS:GO ranks from the Gold Nova group. The rest of the gamers belong to a lower or higher rank. This isn't surprising, since users with average gaming skills form the base of any FPS. Counter-Strike rank distribution is no exception.

How Does CS:GO Rank System Work?

As we mentioned before, the developers don't reveal the details of how the CS:GO ranks work. That's why there're so many rumors among the players about the features of the ranking system algorithms. Some of them look very believable. Let’s take a gander at them right now.

Your ELO Points

Some people believe that after each victory or defeat, the system increases or decreases a player's ELO points. Moreover, this number largely depends on both the ranks of the gamer and their opponents. To better understand this, let's look at a small example.

Say, you're a Silver Elite and your opponent is a Gold Nova Master. If you win, you'll receive an impressive amount of points due to the difference in ranks. Should you lose, your opponent will earn fewer points. The Gold Nova Master risks de-ranking much more than the Silver Elite.

WIN/LOSE Per Round

To rank up faster, you need to win often. This is the take of experienced players. In fact, the ranks of some Counter-Strike gamers increased or decreased not only from victories, but also draws or even defeats. So, you should strive to dominate in individual rounds.

MVP (Most Valuable Player)

In each match, fight to perform your absolute best. Rush into the thick of exciting battles, plant or defuse bombs and try to bring maximum benefit to your team. In theory, if you regularly become MVP, the rank increase won't be long in coming.

Overall Matches Won

Some people believe that the more victories the players get, the slower their ranks increase. For example, a gamer with 30 wins is more likely to gain a new rank than a user with 90 ones. You might say that this is illogical. You may be right, but you need to know that the developers probably think otherwise.

What Does Not Affect Your Rank

  1. Number of headshots and shooting accuracy.
  2. Killing enemies, including with grenades or knives.
  3. Release of hostages taken by terrorists.
  4. Damage received or inflicted on opponents.
  5. Amount of wins per day.

Remember that the developers can change rank distribution algorithms at any time. After that, factors that were not taken into account before have every chance of becoming crucial when calculating CS:GO ranks in the future.

What Effect Do Surrender, Tie, Leave/Kick Have?

  1. Tie. In classic games like chess, a draw indicates the end of a match with no winners or losers. In CS, things are different. If the score is tied, you either lose or win. Accordingly, your ranking points increase or decrease.
  2. Surrender. A capitulation is possible when one of the players leaves the battle. Members of a weakened team can vote to surrender and interrupt the game. But you shouldn't rush. There are rumors that playing in a 4v5 format will give gamers more points to increase their ranks. Feel like you can win, go for it!
  3. Leave/Kick. The game doesn't impose penalties for leaving the battle. The points that affect the ranks change depending on the results that the player has achieved before quitting the match. Let's say you managed to earn 10 points before leaving. That's how much their total number will increase or decrease for.

How to Rank Up Really Fast

  1. Master the basic mechanics of the game to perfection.
  2. Try to kill enemies with headshots as fast as possible.
  3. Before you start chasing CS:GO ranks, make sure you’ve warmed up. To do this, use training maps or participate in custom battles.
  4. Carefully study each map which you're going to eliminate your opponents on.
  5. Learn how to play as a well-coordinated combat group, because Counter-Strike is first and foremost a team game.
  6. Create your own invincible squad of like-minded people who will also want to reach the heights of military glory.
  7. Constantly watch pro-player matches on YouTube and master their fighting techniques in practice.
  8. Play not for yourself, but for the benefit of your team.
  9. Don't turn the game into a primal ranks chase.
  10. Make sure you have fun . Otherwise, you risk becoming a terrible Counter-Strike hater!
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