A warmup is a special phase in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that helps players prepare for the upcoming match. During this period, you can sit comfortably in your chair and put your hands on the mouse and keyboard. The warm-up is a great way to get in the game.

The warmup period is also something like a buffer. It's activated while users are waiting for all the player slots to be filled. When the warmup phase ends, the game starts. As soon as the match begins, you can play for fun and eliminate your enemies ruthlessly.

But what if you aren't satisfied with the standard game rules? Is it possible to end warmup in CS and not waste your precious time waiting for the match to start? Yes, you can skip the warmup! How? We'll tell you in detail about it in this post.

Command to end warmup in CS:GO

There are a few different commands that allow you to end warmup in CS:GO matches. Their use depends on your gaming goals. Below, we'll look at examples of gaming situations where a lot of Counter-Strike players want to skip the warmup.

Simply skip warmup

  1. Activate your developer console. To do this, launch the game and go to its settings. You can access them by clicking on the gear icon. You'll find it at the bottom of the left panel.
  2. Click Game and then go to its subsection with the same name
  3. You must set the Enable Developer Console option to YES.
  4. After you activate the developer console, you can use various commands. It's very easy to enter them. You just press ~ (the tilde key) and type one or another command. Then you press ENTER or the Submit button. See an example in the image:
  5. The clear command removes all text from the console. You can see the result of using it below:
  6. If you repeated the above steps and were able to open the console, it means that its hotkey hasn't changed. However, it's possible that the console is activated but doesn't appear on the screen. In this case, click Keyboard/Mouse and find the UI Keys subsection there.
  7. Change the value of the Toggle Console option to tilde or any other key. You can enter commands now. It's time to disable warmup in CS:GO.
  8. To end warmup in CS for the current match, type the following command: mp_warmup_end.

    As you can see, it has a clear name that describes the essence of the instruction. Don't forget to press ENTER to execute the warmup end command. Some players ignore it and then they're surprised that nothing happens.

  9. To automatically end the warmup in CS:GO before every match, you must add a specific command to the config file of the game. Open Steam and go to LIBRARY. Find Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there. Right click on the game name and select Properties.
  10. Click LOCAL FILES and then Browse…
  11. Open the csgo folder.
  12. Open the cfg folder.

End warmup when enough players joined

Some gamers hate the annoying warmup time aspect and try to neutralize its impact on the gameplay in every possible way. Among other things, they use a command that allows you to interrupt the warm-up when enough other players join the match. It's very convenient.

To end the warmup after reaching a certain number of gamers, you must use the following command: mp_endwarmup_player_count N. Replace N with the number of players you want. Let it be 4. What happens after the command is entered?

When the fourth player joins the server, the warmup ends. This simple console command saves you a lot of time. You don't have to wait until the warmup timer reaches zero. Play by your own rules, as long as the server allows it

End warmup when 5 players joined

Many gamers tend to interrupt the warmup when exactly 5 users join the server. A specific warmup command helps them do this. We're talking about mp_endwarmup_player_count 5. By the way, a standard CS:GO team consists of just 5 players.

The mp_endwarmup_player_count command should be familiar to you from the previous section of this post. It stops the warmup timer when the number of players reaches a certain value. Console commands like this one are very useful. Try to remember and activate them when needed.

How to change warmup time in CS:GO

To change warmup time, you'll need the command mentioned earlier: mp_warmuptime TIME IN SECONDS. In the previous section, we added it to the autoexec.cfg file. This warmup management method is good, but not very flexible.

What if you aren't satisfied with a constant warmup duration? In that case, you’ll want to set it yourself before the first round starts. This is where the mp_warmuptime command comes in handy. You can vary its TIME IN SECONDS argument as you like within reasonable limits.

mp_warmuptime is one of the console commands that doesn't need pre-activation of cheats. Its default value is 300 seconds or 5 minutes. It belongs to client commands and can take almost any numeric value as a single argument.

Imagine that you want to set the warmup duration to 30 and 3600 seconds. That’s half a minute and exactly 1 hour. You must type mp_warmuptime 30 and mp_warmuptime 3600 in your console. You can even use 1000000 as an argument to do something like an endless warmup.


Players connected to the CS servers don't always like to wait for the end of the warmup. To fix this problem, they usually use the mp_warmup_end command. Some gamers edit the autoexec.cfg file and add mp_warmuptime 0 there. Thanks to this, warmups are skipped automatically.

Other players prefer the following 2 commands: mp_warmuptime TIME IN SECONDS and mp_endwarmup_player_count N. These commands limit the warmup duration and the number of gamers that have joined the game. Take all of these commands into service and actively use them if necessary.

Keep in mind that the commands given in this post may not always work. Their functionality directly depends on the settings of a public or private server. If you have your own server, you are free to enable and disable any commands there. When the admins forbid you to skip the warm-up, you can't do anything.


Can I change warmup time automatically?

Yes. Edit your autoexec.cfg file and add mp_warmuptime 0 there. This will automatically disable the warmup before every battle. Instead of 0, you can use other values. For detailed instructions on how to make changes to autoexec.cfg, see one of the sections above.

Can I end warmup when playing with bots?

Yes. To play offline games with bots without warmup, enter mp_do_warmup_offine 0 in the console. To enable the previous settings for offline mode, use mp_do_warmup_offine 1.

Note that 0 is the default value when playing with bots. This is quite natural, because warmup is practically of no use in offline mode.

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