1. Play the Game Regularly

Yes, we know it sounds trite and obvious. However, you must understand that you'll never be able to get better at CS:GO if you don't play this game regularly. Professional players have spent thousands of hours before becoming real Counter-Strike: Global Offensive champions. If you want to shine on the competitive scene, you'll have to do the same.

We're well aware that not every gamer can play CS all day long. Also, not everyone is given to become a champion of online battles. But in any team-based shooter, success is always achieved by players who spend at least 1-3 hours playing their favorite game every day. You only get results when you invest your time in CS. No other way.

Check out this video. We posted it for a reason. Our blog team has selected a number of video guides that contain a lot of useful info. Some of them have a few tips while others have much more. We hope these guides will help you get a better understanding of the game and develop possible strategies to eliminate your enemies with high performance.

2. Practice Your Aim & Recoil

What should a good online soldier be able to do? Master core weapons and the art of marksmanship! You can perfectly know all the game mechanics or do dizzying tricks while moving around the map. If you can't aim and shoot quickly, you'll never be a successful Counter-Strike player. More skilled enemies will kill you in a matter of seconds.

To learn how to shoot well, you'll first need the so-called aim maps. Just type these 2 words into the Steam Workshop search form and download the most popular ones.  For example, Aim_botz. On this map, you can practice shooting with any weapon. If you wish, you can enable infinite ammo, put armor on bots, or learn how to react to the sounds of shots.

The Deathmatch mode is also great for improving shooting skills. During the battles, you'll have to fight against unpredictable opponents. You'll never know the enemy positions in advance. In order not to be killed, you'll have to shoot very quickly. This mod will also help you better understand the features of various maps, which will come in handy during competitive matches.

3. Get Familiar with the Console

The console is an indispensable tool if you like to play CS. It allows you to customize the game however you want. Using the console, you can change the in-game aspect ratio or kick bots from CS:GO maps. ALSO, you can disable voice chat or minimize the warm-up time.

Playing CS and not using the console is like living without food and water! This doesn't mean that you must know all the in-game commands. It's simply impossible. But you should definitely learn how to work with the console and get the most out of this tool.

4. Listen to Footsteps

Do you think that every pro has a good headset to make it easier to talk with teammates? This is not true! First of all, professional players use headphones to monitor the situation on the battlefield. The ability to listen and distinguish between steps and other sounds is an important skill for gamers who want to dominate in video games like first-person shooters.

When you learn to hear footsteps, you'll be able to quickly locate enemy players. This will give you a significant advantage over the opposing team. Especially if its participants don't know how to move silently. In this case, your opponents will turn into easy targets because you'll know in advance where they'll appear.

5. Start Building Your Own Team or Join an Existing One

Like it or not, without a good team you'll never become a CS champion. You can quickly shoot enemies or develop an impeccable muscle memory, but all your efforts will go to waste without the powerful support of teammates. Counter-Strike is designed as a team-based game. Unfortunately, you're doomed to failure without tough allies.

You don't need a team when you play CS a couple of times a week to relax or pass the time. If you want to achieve more, you'll have to build your squad from scratch. An alternative option is to join an existing team. Once you do this, your game will reach a whole new level. You'll play with like-minded people who will always come to the rescue in difficult situations.

6. Learn the Movements

While watching a pro match, you might get the impression that a whole team of players is moving chaotically and performing erratic actions. Actually, every movement of professionals is perfected. This is due to some features of the gameplay.

The fact is that weapons in the game have recoil. You have to be able to control it while playing. This is extremely difficult to do if you're moving. To shoot more accurately, you need to stop and aim at your enemy. However, if you don't move, you become an easy target for your opponents.

What to do? Learn to move right! Until you see enemies, run, jump and dodge constantly. Once you spot them, get in a good position and open fire. Between shots, lean to the right or left. At first, all this will seem very difficult, but we're sure that you can handle it.

7. Order CS:GO Coach Services

This tip is for players who really want to learn all the tricks of the game and are willing to pay money for it. Since Counter-Strike is a mega-popular shooter, numerous esports competitions are held on it. Quite often, players can win a big cash prize at those competitions.

In other words, CS tournaments have long ago turned into real sporting events. Along with various competitions, CS:GO coaches also appeared. If football, hockey and tennis players have them, why should gamers be different?

CS:GO trainer services are a great way to get quick advice on issues that interest you. Ordering them is pretty easy. Just google something like "cs:go coaching services". The first site in the search results has dozens of relevant offers (it's Fiverr in our case). So, go for it!

8. Watch Your CSGO Economy

The in-game economy is an important part of CS that many players don't pay attention to. Sometimes it's better not to buy anything and save money than to purchase expensive weapons and then turn into a useless fighter for your team. There are also reverse situations when saving money is fraught with big problems.

You should be able to plan your spending for several rounds ahead while playing. In addition to the price of weapons, you must know the bonuses of their types. This will allow you to choose guns based on the current balance of power on the battlefield. As a result, you'll use the most effective weapon at the right moment and earn more money for the next encounter.

9. Decide on Your Role

The developers of many competitive shooters have taken the path of simplifying the gameplay. When playing such games, you just run around the map and shoot your enemies. The more you kill opponents, the cooler you are.

In Counter-Strike, team-based play comes to the fore. Each player has their own role. For example, a Fragger runs ahead of everyone and is often the first to take enemy fire. An AWPer shoots enemies from afar. A Lurker lays out routes and informs about the location of enemies.

There are also 2 more roles: Leader and Support. The Leader makes sure that the players adhere to the chosen strategy of the game. As for the Support, this player buys ammo like grenades or Molotov cocktails. Of course, this gamer should be able to use them correctly.

Decide for yourself which role suits you best. Keep in mind, there are no primary and secondary roles. If you want to win often, all the soldiers in your squad must be responsible in their duties. This is true for both real and virtual battles.

10. Watch Tournament Matches

Tournament matches are an invaluable source of info for beginners and veterans alike. Pro gamers give out a bunch of secrets while playing. You just need to learn how to notice them and then use them in your regular games. This will greatly improve your skills.

We recommend that you not only watch pro matches, but also analyze them. Instead of mindlessly watching 10 replays, take one of them and examine it in detail. You can start with the video below. This match definitely deserves to be watched.

11. Bookmark the PLG.BET Blog

The main mission of the PLG.BET blog is to provide CS fans with the most complete info about the game. We regularly add new posts in which we talk about its various aspects. On our blog, you'll find a lot of useful information about skins, weapons, console commands, etc.

In order not to miss new posts, be sure to bookmark our blog. For our part, we'll make every effort to delight you with new cool guides as often as possible. Thanks to them, you'll learn about the various features of the game that will be useful to you during furious online battles.


Is CSGO noob friendly?

It depends on your gaming goals. If you just want to shoot enemies a couple of times a week, then CS:GO can be called a noob friendly game. Do you strive to play like a pro? Get ready to invest dozens of hours in CS before you become a relatively good online soldier.

How do you become a pro CSGO player?

Practice, practice and more practice! The more often you play, the more experience you gain. To track your performance, you can keep something like a training diary. Record statistics on your matches there and analyze the results periodically.

Is CSGO hard?

If you've never played shooters before, CS:GO may seem like a very hard game to you. Otherwise, the difficulty of this FPS depends on your skills. Experienced online soldiers will find it easier to get comfortable on the CS battlefields than gamers who usually score 2-3 kills per match.

How do people get so good at CSGO?

They practice a lot. Some of them even play 12-14 hours a day! We don't encourage you to play that much. On the other hand, you won't achieve great success in CS:GO without regular practice. The same goes for sports, drawing, programming, and even breeding rabbits.

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