What makes the moaning sound?

To make the gameplay more realistic, CS:GO developers use various effects, including sound effects. When someone is killed, other players hear something like the character moan. This is a kind of signal that a particular gamer has dropped out of the battle.

A simple trick allows you to make a moaning sound at any time you want. To do this, you must use the so-called moan bind. In practice, this means that you'll need to activate a special console command. It can be assigned to some key.

After you bind, your character will be able to make moaning sounds when you press a particular key. By pressing it, you'll enable the standard radio command. As a result, all your teammates will hear it, which can cause confusion.

How to moan in CS:GO

To do a moan bind, you have to follow 2 simple steps. The guide below explains them in detail. Launch the game and just repeat after us.

Use the CS:GO moan bind

1. Check if the console is enabled. Press ~ and make sure that a window similar to the image below appears on the screen.

2. If the window doesn't appear, you need to change your game settings. First, find the Enable Developer Console option in the Game section. If its value is NO, change it to YES. Second, check the key that is responsible for opening the console. Under the Keyboard/Mouse section, find Toggle Console. Remember its value or set another. The default key is the grave accent (`).

3. To do a moan keybind, use the following command: bind KEY "playerradio deathcry moan". In this case, KEY is any key. We prefer M. Therefore, our command becomes bind m "playerradio deathcry moan".


1. At this step, you can't do without the sv_cheats 1 command. If you've never used it before, it will be useful for you to know that it activates cheats.

2. Enter the sv_playerradio_use_allowlist 0 command in the console.

3. Press M or your chosen key to check if the moan keybind is working or not. If you did everything right, in the lower left corner there will be messages similar to the image below.

Please note that the moan bind doesn't work without cheats being activated. The developers strictly monitor that players don't abuse dubious features on the official CS:GO servers. Otherwise, toxic players can use them often.

So, you can only enable the moan bind in private matches. The same goes for game servers where you have administrator rights. Players are quite often allowed to activate cheats on them. This makes it possible to practice using features that aren't available in standard matches.

Fun examples of moan binds

In private battles, gamers constantly play pranks on each other. Since they're usually played with friends, users can indulge in gags that aren't allowed in normal matches. Vivid examples are funny messages that are sent with the radio commands.

The main advantage of the player radio is that gamers take its messages seriously. Let's say when you make a fake moan, many people might think that you really got killed. If you wish, you can easily diversify your set of fun commands. Use the following ones to get started.

bind m "playerradio KilledMyEnemy *yawn"

bind m "playerradio LastManStanding Easy Clutch!"

bind m "playerradio FriendlyFire Sorry, my bad!"

bind m "playerradio WonRoundQuickly Please turn up the difficulty"

We found these commands on gaming forums and tested them in matches with our friends. Sometimes they caused a real flurry of emotions. This fueled the interest in the game even more, especially when the messages appeared at the most unexpected moments.

The main thing is never to abuse the binds we offer. Always remember that you're playing against real people and not the computer characters that you see on your screen. If you start behaving like a toxic player, you'll quickly lose the respect of other gamers.

How likely is it that CS:GO will ban the moan bind?

Binds for moaning have been out of operation for a long time. The developers decided that the players abused this feature too much. Because of this, the matches became more toxic and irritated the other users. In the screenshots below, you can see how some gamers reacted to this news.

This isn't the first time fun features have been disabled due to toxic players. Unfortunately, some gamers don't know how to behave decently during matches and try their best to spoil the game for other users. Although Valve is fighting them, the final victory is still far away.


How do you make a moan button?

Use the KEY "playerradio deathcry moan" command. Instead of KEY, specify any button that is convenient for you. In addition, enable cheats with sv_cheats 1 and type sv_playerradio_use_allowlist 0 into the console. A detailed description of these commands can be found in the "How to moan in CS:GO" section.

How do you Keybind in CS:GO?

You must use the following command: bind BindKey "BindCommand". bind is a command for creating binds. BindKey is any key that the player wants to assign an action to. BindCommand is the command that is executed when the BindKey is pressed. For example, bind m "use weapon_c4". This means that when you press the M key, your character will have C4 explosives in their hands

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