How to enable the left hand CS:GO command?

  1. To switch hands in CS:GO, you must have the in-game console activated. To enable it, launch your copy of the game and open the settings. Click Search there and type enable developer console in the field below it. Click on the square with the arrow to go to the option you need.
  2. Change the value of the option to YES.
  3. Make sure the value of the option is `. This diacritical mark is called the grave accent and is used as the default setting. It's also on the same key as the tilde. If the option isn't specified, set it to `. Console setup is complete. It's time to learn how to switch hands.
  4. Join a match. Open the console. Type cl_righthand 0 in the in-game terminal. The CS:GO left hand command is at your service. By the way, don't forget to press the Enter key or the Submit button when you use any commands.
  5. If you aren't satisfied with the results after entering the left hand CS:GO command, you can always return to the default setting. Type cl_righthand 1 in the console and you're done. You can see the difference between right and left hand orientation in the images below.

    The default hand orientation

    The CS:GO left hand command is executed

How to switch hands in CS:GO using binds?

You can also switch between right and left hand with bind commands. In this case, you'll be able to switch hands by pressing one or another key. Let's find out how to do it.

  1. Open the console and enter the following bind command: bind m "toggle cl_righthand 0 1".

    bind m here specifies to bind some action to the M key. In our case, this is a command to switch hands. We mean "toggle cl_righthand 0 1". Note that the command that you need to switch between left and right hands is enclosed in quotation marks.

  2. Press the M key several times and make sure the switch hands bind works correctly. If so, you can easily switch to the left hand at any time you need.
  3. Some gamers use switch hand bind with movement keys. As a result, they switch to the left hand by pressing the D key. When players move left by pressing the A key, the bind command is triggered to switch to the right hand. To achieve the same effect, type into the console bind a "+moveleft ; cl_righthand 1"; bind d "+moveright ; cl_righthand 0".
    If you toggle bind like that, you get some advantage when peeking. At least that's what some players say about this hand command.

Which hand is better to use?

The answer to this question depends on the personal preferences of the particular player. While some gamers prefer the left hand, others masterfully kill enemies with the right one. That's why there are no better or worse hands. Nevertheless, the hand command is indispensable in some cases.

First of all, the CS:GO left hand command is used by lefties. This helps them navigate the map faster. If you use your left hand all the time in real life, it would be nice to do the same thing in the game. It's convenient, practical and familiar.

Another reason for switching to the left hand is to gain some advantage in sight. This trick is used with certain weapons. When players intuitively understand that it's time to change hands, they do it and solve their current combat objectives.

There are some players who bind the CS:GO left hand command to the movement keys A and D. As we noted earlier, this allegedly provides a peeking advantage. Finally, the left hand is often switched due to the peculiarities of vision. We're talking about the dominant eye.

The dominant eye is the eye that is used much more often than the other. It usually has better vision and is better at focusing on different objects. So, if your dominant eye is the left one, it makes sense to switch to the same hand. Perhaps this will enhance your performance as a CS:GO player.

Thus, most players switch to the left hand for the sake of convenience. If you're completely satisfied with the right hand orientation, continue to play with this default setting. Changing it is unlikely to provide you with any significant benefits.

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