What is Fake Knife Unboxing Command in CS:GO?

What is Fake Knife Unboxing Command in CS:GO?

The fake knife unboxing trick is mainly used for pranks. Imagine that you decide to pass the evening playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You start a match. Suddenly, the idea of having a good time comes to your mind.

You open the CS:GO console and enter a special command. A second passes, and a message appears on the screen that you've opened a container and found a rare weapon knife inside. For example, the StatTrakTM Karambit. In the game, it will look something like in the image above.

Sometimes, using the fake knife unboxing trick causes a real CS chat frenzy that is pretty fun to watch. And most importantly, the actions described in this section don’t violate the rules of CS:GO. They're absolutely safe to use. Your account won't be banned.

How to Use Fake Knife Unboxing Command in CS:GO?

Some time ago, the news appeared on the Internet that Counter-Strike players were doing fake knife unboxings. They mentioned a certain casual server where this significant event took place. As soon as the rumors spread across the web, lots of gamers wanted to know how to replicate this trick. Detailed instructions weren't long in coming. We invite you to check them right now.

1. Open the developer console.

developer console

As you need to enter a special command to get a fake knife, you must first launch the developer console. If you forgot how to do it, just press the tilde key. Look for it to the left of the 1 key that is in the number row of your keyboard.

2. Use your console for the fake unboxing.

playerradio Radio.WePlanted "[NICKNAME] has opened a container and found: [KNIFE NAME]"
  1. Copy the line above and paste it into a text editor like Notepad.
  2. Replace [NICKNAME] with your CS:GO nickname (e.g. SurrealKiller).
  3. Change [KNIFE NAME] to the name of the knife (e.g. Karambit | Case Hardened).
  4. Save the resulting line and then copy it.
  5. Paste the line into the console and press ENTER.

3. Enjoy the result.

Lots of CS:GO players react emotionally to the events which take place during matches. No wonder that the knife unboxing on casual servers often causes a storm of emotions. Sometimes they're negative, but more often the reactions of the players are positive and encouraging.

What Are the Other Fake Commands in CS:GO?

First, there’s the fake Vac Ban. Such a prank can disorient your opponents, giving you some advantage in combat. Note, this is a bad joke. Emotional players may take it at face value and become very nervous. OK, we warned you. Now let's figure out how to get it done.

playerradio Radio.WePlanted "[NICKNAME] has been permanently banned from official CS:GO servers."

To perform a fake Vac Ban you must do the same actions that we described in the section about getting a fake knife. Copy the line above, edit [NICKNAME], etc. If you do everything right, you'll see a message like in the following image.

What other fake messages can you send via your console? Almost any! Below we've placed a universal template for case openings. You don’t necessarily need to write the skin’s real name instead of [ITEM NAME]. However, something like AWP | Dragon Lore will give your message more credibility.

playerradio Radio.WePlanted "[NICKNAME] has opened a container and found: [ITEM NAME]"

Online fake message code generator

There are many players who don't like messing around with console commands. Specifically for them, some enthusiast created a simple online service. Even a child can understand how it works. Just 5 easy steps, and you have a code for the fake message you need.

  1. Open this link in your browser.
  2. Fill in the Your name, Item and Paint kit fields. Select item rarity and additional features. Use the image below as an example.
  1. Click the Copy command button.
  2. Paste the generated code into your console and press ENTER.
  3. Enjoy the results of your prank!


How do you make it seem like you opened a knife in CSGO?

Use special commands or generate them with this service. See above for detailed instructions.

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