What Is a Jumpthrow Bind in CS:GO?

When you jump and use a standard throw, your smoke grenade hits different targets each time. Since you aren't a robot, your character's jump and other in-game actions cannot always be the same. No player is able to hold aim or release the mouse button like a soulless machine. The jumpthrow bind solves this problem perfectly. Let's find out what it is.

In simple terms, the jumpthrow bind is one of the scripts that automate various actions in CS:GO. You bind it to a particular button on your keyboard and then perform any jump throw with high accuracy. A single button replaces 2 actions at once: jumping and throwing. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about the trajectory of your grenades.

What Are the Benefits of Jumpthrow Binds?

The jump throw allows players to hit targets at longer ranges. If you know the map's features well, this trick will help you catch your enemies by surprise. For example, performing perfect smoke grenade throws from places that are out of their sight.

As for the jumpthrow bind, it saves you from making mistakes when you try to use grenades while jumping. After mastering this technique, your CS:GO skills will improve remarkably. You'll be able to throw your equipment from positions you didn't even consider before.

Note, the jump throw bind isn't a universal technique. Sometimes it's easier to perform the necessary actions manually than use a bind key for jumping and throwing grenades simultaneously. Over time, you'll learn how to quickly choose the right method.

It is. If you use the jump throw trick in regular online matches, you won't get a VAC ban. Players are banned when they combine binds and cheats. In these cases, the game algos track suspicious activities and block dishonest CS:GO users.

On the other hand, you aren’t allowed to use the jump throw technique in some tournaments: ESL One, DreamHack, etc. To avoid embarrassing situations, carefully read the rules of each CS:GO event that you're going to participate in. Otherwise, you'll simply end up disqualified.

Why don't some tournaments allow the jumpthrow bind? Because it makes throwing grenades more unpredictable and dependent only on the gamers' skills. Without a very useful and simple bind, even a professional player doesn't always throw in-game equipment accurately.

How to Bind Jump Throw CS:GO with Console Commands

In this section, you can learn how to use the jump throw command via your console. This technique is great if you want to see how it works during a CS:GO match. If you need the command on a permanent basis, you must add it to your config file. We'll talk about this later in the post.

1. Open Your Console

To open the CS:GO console, just press the tilde key. It's located next to the 1 key and looks like a small wave (~). If you've changed the default bindings, use the key that you designated in your settings.

2. Enter the Jump Throw Command

You need the following console command: bind "[KEY]" "+jump; -attack; -jump". Instead of [KEY] type any key you want. For example, lots of CS:GO players often use X or ALT.

3. Check if the Jumpthrow Bind Works as You Expect

Test your jump throw bind at a short distance. If your grenades hit about the same targets, you typed the command correctly. It's time to practice in a real battle against bots or other players.

How to Bind Jump Throw CS:GO with Config File Commands

Counter Strike has a special CFG file where you can add various commands that will be automatically executed when the game starts. Its name is autoexec. Now we describe in detail how to create it and then add the jumpthrow bind. Let's start

1. Create the Autoexec File

1. Go to the folder where your configuration files are located. To do this, open your Steam Library and follow the instructions below.

1.1. Right click on the CS:GO shortcut and select Properties.

1.2. Click on LOCAL FILES and then BROWSE.

1.3. Click on the CS:GO folder icon and then cfg.

1.4. Right click anywhere in the cfg folder, then New and finally Text Document.

1.5. Double click on the new document. When it opens, click on File and then Save As. Enter autoexec.cfg in the File name field. Select All types for the Save as type field. Click Save. Congratulations, you've just created a file where you can add the jumpthrow bind commands.

2. Adding Commands to the autoexec.cfg File

2.1. Open the autoexec.cfg file and add the following commands to it. Instead of [KEY], type a key for the jumpthrow bind.

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack;-attack2"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "[KEY]" "+jumpthrow"

2.2. Click File and then Save.
2.3. Close the autoexec.cfg file.

3. Adding the autoexec.cfg File to the Launch Options

3.1. Back to your Steam Library. Right click on the CS:GO shortcut and select Properties again.

3.2. Copy +exec autoexec.cfg and paste it to the LAUNCH OPTIONS field. This will add a new launch option to CS:GO.

4. Test the Jump Throw Trick in the Game

If your throw and jump bind works correctly, grenades thrown by you should hit the same position with high accuracy. So, throw 3-5 of them and check where they land.

How to Use a CS:GO Jump Throw Bind?

1. During a CS:GO match, take a grenade.
2. Hold the left mouse button. The grenade is ready to be thrown at a long distance.
3. Choose a direction to throw and aim.
4. Click the jump throw key and enjoy the spectacle of the grenade in flight

Throwing grenades at different ranges

Range How to Perform
1. Short. 1. Select a grenade.
2. Hold the mouse2 button.
3. Press the jumpthrow key.
2. Medium. 1. Select a grenade.
2. Hold the mouse1 and mouse2 buttons.
3. Press the bind key to make a jumpthrow.
3. High. 1. Select a grenade.
2. Hold the mouse1 button.
3. Press the key you set to perform jumpthrows


How do you bind jump throws in CSGO?

You can bind jump throws in console this way: bind "[KEY]" "+jump; -attack; -jump".

You can as well use CFG file called autoexec.cfg: put these command there:

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack;-attack2"
alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"
bind "[KEY]" "+jumpthrow"

Where do you put the jump throw bind?

You must add these commands to the CS:GO autoexec.cfg file. If you use the console command as shown in the table above, you need to enter it every time after reopening the game. Always remember that the jumpthrow technique is very useful when you want to perform a smoke grenade lineup. That's why we recommend adding the necessary commands to the autoexec.cfg file. It's convenient and saves a lot of time.

Do CSGO pros use jump throw bind?

Of course, they do! Every pro player knows how to throw grenades as efficiently as possible. All CS:GO pros use this trick to kill or disorient their opponents.

Is jump throw bind legal Faceit?

Yes. Most tournaments for professional players allow the use of the jump throw bind.

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