What Are the Cases?

Cases are special boxes which contain weapon skins. Some of them are very expensive, while others cost less than $1. For example, the price of the AWP Dragon Lore skin in the Factory New condition reaches almost $70000.

CS cases are divided into 2 categories. The first one includes loot boxes that are available to players all the time. The second category consists of crates which drop only during specific CS:GO events. When you take part in them, you can get an expensive skin and other cool stuff.

The cases of the legendary FPS game contain blue, purple, pink and red gun skins. Their colors define the rarity of each finish. For example, a rare skin is red. An in-game item like this can be sold for an impressive amount of money on the Steam Community Market.

The yellow CS:GO skins stand apart. These items are very rare and cost a lot of money. If after a random drop you become a proud owner of such a finish, you'll have a unique weapon worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

To open the cases, you need special keys. These items are only sold for real money. The drop system that is used in CS:GO doesn't allow players to get case keys for their participation in online battles. The game invites you to take risks and play a sort of case opening roulette.

When opening cases, you never know what is inside of them. It can be a valuable skin or a cheap item. By the way, experienced collectors don't advise using keys to obtain CS:GO finishes. It's often easier and cheaper to just buy the specific ones you want rather than try to get the standard way.

What Are the Different Ways to Get Cases in CS:GO?

There are 4 relatively easy ways to get cases. Below, we briefly describe each of them. Let's start with the simplest and most obvious method.


So, you want to know how to get cases in CS:GO. Let's start from the most common way: just play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive! At the end of every Casual or Competitive Match, you can obtain that coveted loot box. Don't try to figure out how crate drops work. This is a completely random process.

An important condition for obtaining cases is to play the match to the end. If you leave the battle before it's completed, you won't receive a weapon box. Thanks to the matchmaking, you can get 2 loot boxes per week. The results of previous drops are reset on Wednesdays.

Buying Cases on Steam Market

Lots of players don't rely on weekly drops and simply buy cases on the Steam Community Market. This method of obtaining CS:GO loot boxes is so simple that it makes no sense to describe it in detail. We’ll just add that the average price of the crates ranges from a couple dozen cents to 10-20 $. The cost directly depends on the rarity and novelty of the container.

Completing Operation Missions

During the Operations, unique weapon cases are added to the game. These loot boxes contain common and exclusive skins. As long as this or that event is ongoing, they're quite easy to obtain. Once the event is over, loot box drops or exclusive cases stop or become very rare.

What skins are stored in Operation cases? Depends on the game event. Let's take the Operation Riptide Case as an example. This loot box contains 17 items designed by users of the CS community. They're AUG | Plague, MP7 | Guerilla, Desert Eagle | Ocean Drive, etc. You can find a complete list of skins for any container on the Steam Market.

Watching Major Tournaments

Along with standard and Operation cases, there are souvenir loot boxes. To get them, you must watch the so-called Major Tournaments. The type of the box you can obtain depends on the map where the pro player battle takes place. These boxes also don't contain the StatTrak skins.

One of the most popular loot boxes are the Cobblestone souvenir cases. This is due to the fact that they store the AWP Dragon Lore skin. Some finishes of the legendary sniper rifle cost a lot of money. No wonder the price of these boxes reaches several thousand dollars.

How to Buy Cases in CS:GO?

1. Click this link and open the Steam Community Market in your browser.

2. Enter the name of the case you need in the search form and press ENTER.

3. Click on the name of the case to go to the page with its detailed description.

4. Create a buy order. To do this, scroll down the case description page until you see a button that says Buy... Click it.

5. Set the price and number of loot boxes you intend to buy. Click the PLACE ORDER button. We recommend setting a price a couple of cents below the amount indicated in the corresponding field. Especially if you purchase cases in large quantities.

6. Wait for your order to be executed and receive the purchased loot boxes.

What Is the Best Game Mode to Get Cases in CS:GO?

If you want to farm a case by playing the game, it will be useful for you to learn about the modes that best suit your gaming goals. Their description is given in this section.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone Cases are dropped at the end of ten-minute matches. So, this mode allows you to farm loot boxes relatively quickly. You'll also get a lot of XP. This is an important feature for players who want to improve their game ranks


The Wingman Matches last just as long as the Danger Zone ones. Just 10 minutes, and you get a case. Or maybe not. The RNG gods are as unpredictable as the weather. You never know when they will turn their eyes on you and send valuable gifts.


Yet another ten-minute mode for farming weapon containers. Pro players often use the Deathmatch mode to warm up. If you are a decent level gamer, try out this strategy. It's highly likely that Competitive Matches won’t be such a challenge after you grind a bunch of these battles.

Arms Race

The Arms Race Matches last 10-15 minutes. Obviously, it's better to participate in ten-minute battles for farming loot boxes. At the same time, you'll improve your skills with knives and guns. In this CS:GO mode, you'll often have to use a variety of weapons.

Idling Servers

If you strive to get cases with minimal effort, try idling servers. The point is: you launch the game with special settings and then go about your business. After some time, you obtain a loot box. It's nice that you don't have to quickly move your crosshair around the screen trying to get a good headshot. Players don't technically participate in farming at all. Here's what you need to do after connecting to an idle server.

1. Open your Steam Library and find the Counter-Strike shortcut. Choose the Properties option from the dropdown list.

2. Click the SET LAUNCH OPTIONS button.

3. Copy these commands -novid -nosound -low -window -w 640 -h 480 into the text field of the window that opens. Click OK.

4. Close the properties window and launch CS.

5. When the game starts, open the developer console using the tilde key (~). Copy and paste the following commands there: +left; +right. Thanks to this, the server won't kick you because of AFK. Finally, press ENTER.

6. Select the Deathmatch and then click GO.

7. When the match starts, minimize the game window and go about your business until a case drops or it's time to shut down your PC.

The description of the commands that are added to the launch options

Command Description
-novid Remove intro
-nosound Disable sound
-nosound Disable sound
-low Low priority
-window Window mode
-w 640 -h 480 Game resolution


How do you get free cases in CS:GO?

Play the game, complete the Operation missions and watch games form the Major Tournaments.

How often do you get cases in CS:GO?

2 times a week.

What are the chances of getting a case in CS:GO?

50/50. At the end of the match, the case may or may not drop.

Can you get cases without Prime CS:GO?


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