How to set up a game before using commands

To make give commands work, you must first enable the developer console and special cheats. Read the instructions below to learn how to do it.

1. Enable your developer console

1. Open your game settings and find the Enable the Developer Console option.

2. Select YES from the dropdown list.

3. If you don't like the default hotkey for opening the console, go to the Keyboard/Mouse settings and find the Toggle Console option in the UI keys section.

4. Set a key. That's all. Now you can use various CS:GO console commands.

2. Enable cheats and use some give commands

1. To open your console, press ~ (the tilde sign) or another key that you set while changing your game settings. If you did everything right, you'll see a terminal window.

2. Type sv_cheats 1 and press ENTER. This will enable cheats for any give weapon commands.
3. Type some command like give weapon_deagle or give weapon_p250. If you end up with the weapon, congratulations, you've successfully activated cheats.

You can't use weapon commands during multiplayer matches. They only work when you play offline or on private servers where cheats are allowed by admins.

CS:GO Give Weapon Commands

In this section, we posted the most useful console commands for getting different types of weapons. For your convenience, they're divided into categories. Since you probably won't be able to remember these commands the first time around, we recommend you to bookmark this page and then use it as a guide.


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Desert Eagle weapon_deagle
R8 Revolver weapon_revolver
Glock-18 weapon_glock give weapon_glock
USP-S weapon_usp_silencer give weapon_usp_silencer
CZ75-Auto weapon_cz75a give weapon_cz75a
Five-SeveN weapon_fiveseven give weapon_fiveseven
P250 weapon_p250 give weapon_p250
Tec-9 weapon_tec9 give weapon_tec9
Dual Berettas weapon_elite give weapon_elite
P2000 weapon_hkp2000 give weapon_hkp2000


Item Name Give Code Give Command
FAMAS weapon_famas give weapon_famas
Galil AR weapon_galilar give weapon_galilar
M4A4 weapon_m4a4 give weapon_m4a4
M4A1-S weapon_m4a1_silencer give weapon_m4a1_silencer
AK-47 weapon_ak47 give weapon_ak47
AUG weapon_aug give weapon_aug
SG-553 weapon_sg553 give weapon_sg553


Item Name Give Code Give Command
MP9 weapon_mp9 give weapon_mp9
MAC-10 weapon_mae10 give weapon_mac 10
PP-Bizon weapon_bizon give weapon_bizon
MP7 weapon_mp7 give weapon_mp7
UMP-45 weapon_ump45 give weapon_ump45
P90 weapon_p90 give weapon_p90
MP5-SD weapon_mp5sd give weapon_mp5sd


Item Name Give Code Give Command
M249 weapon_m249 give weapon_m249
Negev weapon_negev give weapon_negev
Sawed-Off weapon_sawedoff give weapon_sawedoff
Mag7 weapon_mag7 give weapon_mag7
Nova weapon_nova give weapon_nova
XM1014 weapon_xml014 give weapon_xml014


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Flasbang weapon_flashbang give weapon_flashbang
HE Grenade weapon_hegrenade give weapon_hegrenade
Decoy weapon_decoy give weapon_decoy
Molotov weapon_molotov give weapon_molotov
Smoke weapon_smokegrenade give weapon_smokegrenade
Zeus weapon_taser give weapon_taser
Kevlar item_kevlar give item_kevlar
Kevlar + Helmet item_assaultsuit give item_assaultsuit

Sniper Rifles

Item Name Give Code Give Command
SSG 08 weapon_ssg08 give weapon_ssg08
AWP weapon_awp give weapon_awp
SCAR-20 weapon_scar20 give weapon_scar20
G3SG1 weapon_g3sgl give weapon_g3sgl


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Nova weapon_nova give weapon_nova
XM1014 weapon_xm1014 give weapon_xml014
MAG-7 weapon_mag7 give weapon_mag7
Sawed-Off weapon_sawedoff give weapon_sawedoff

Machine Guns

Item Name Give Code Give Command
M249 weapon_m249 give weapon_m249
Negev weapon_negev give weapon_negev


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Bayonet knife weapon_bayonet give weapon_bayonet
M9 Bayonet weapon_m9 bayonet give weapon_m9_bayonet
Butterfly Knife weapon_butterfly give weapon_butterfly
Falchion Knife weapon_falchion give weapon_falchion
Flip Knife weapon_flip give weapon_flip
Gut Knife weapon_gut give weapon_gut
Huntsman Knife weapon_tactical give weapon_tactical
Karambit Knife weapon_karambit give weapon_karambit
Bowie Knife weapon_survival_bowie give weapon_survival_bowie
Shadow Dagger weapon_knife_push give weapon_knife_push
Default terrorists knife weapon_knife_t give weapon_knife_t
counter-terrorists knife weapon_knife_ct give weapon_knife_ct
Golden Knife weapon_knifegg give weapon_knifegg
Ursus Knife weapon_knife_ursus give weapon_knife_ursus
Navaj a Knife weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife give weapon_knife_gypsy_jackknife
Stiletto Knife weapon_knife_stiletto give weapon_knife_stiletto
Talon Knife weapon_knife_widowmaker give weapon_knife_widowmaker
Survival Knife weapon_knife_canis give weapon_knife_canis
Paracord Knife weapon_knife_cord give weapon_knife_cord
Skeleton Knife weapon_knife_skeleton give weapon_knife_skeleton
Nomad Knife weapon_knife_outdoor give weapon_knife_outdoor


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Decoy weapon_decoy give weapon_decoy
Flashbang Grenade weapon_flashbang give weapon_flashbang
Smoke Grenade weapon_smokegrenade give weapon_smokegrenade
HE Grenade weapon_hegrenade give weapon_hegrenade
Molotov grenade weapon_molotov give weapon_molotov
Incendiary grenade weapon_incgrenade give weapon_incgrenade


Item Name Give Code Give Command
Kevlar + Helmet item_assaultsuit give item_assaultsuit
C4 bomb weapon_c4 give weapon_c4
Defuse Kit item_defuser give item_defuser
Zeus weapon_taser give weapon_taser
Kevlar item_kevlar give item_kevlar

Mission Gear

item_Name Give Code Give Command
Nightvision item_nvgs give item_nvgs
Heavy Assault Suit item_heavyassaultsuit give item_heavyassaultsuit
Rescue Kit item_cutters give item_cutters
Healthshot weapon_healthshot give weapon_healthshot
Tactical Awareness Grenade weapon_tagrenade give weapon_tagrenade
Breachcharge weapon_breachcharge give weapon_breachcharge

Danger Zone

Item Name Give Code Give Command
Diversion Device weapon_diversion give weapon_diversion
Firebomb weapon_firebomb give weapon_firebomb
Frag Grenade weapon_frag give weapon_frag
Snowball weapon_snowball give weapon_snowball
Tablet weapon_tablet give weapon_tablet
Bump Mine weapon_bumpmine give weapon_bumpmine
Ballistic shield weapon_shield give weapon_shield


When you use any give weapon command in CS:GO and run out of ammo, open your console and type givecurrentammo. As you can probably guess, this will provide you with ammo for your current gun. But what if you don't want to enter the command every time?

The first way to solve the problem is the sv_infinite_ammo 1 console command. After you type it, your ammo will become infinite. You also won't have to worry about reloading. Just shoot all the enemies non-stop for your pleasure.

You can also use the sv_infinite_ammo 2 command. Just like in the previous case, your ammo will no longer run out, but you'll need to reload your weapon from time to time. To disable the cheats, type sv_infinite_ammo 0.

How can you revert CS:GO commands to give weapon effect?

To disable cheat console commands, you can use sv_cheats 0. By the way, any war tool in CS:GO has its own weapon code. We marked it as Give Code in the tables above. For the convenience of the players, the code usually has a more common name, such as weapon_c4 or weapon_snowball.

The main advantage of the console commands is ease of use. Typing any one of them takes no more than 5-10 seconds. It's very convenient and saves a lot of time. Especially if you want to try lots of settings during your game session.

What can you use CS:GO console commands to give weapon cheats for?

Players enable cheat console commands for various reasons. Some of them like to play with bots but don't want to wait for the moments when they can use specific war tools. These gamers use give weapon cheats and get pistols, rifles or knives in no time.

Quite a few Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have blogs and YouTube channels. To create content, they often need videos or screenshots of a particular weapon. Cheats allow them to get the necessary footage as fast as possible.

Finally, all the commands that provide quick access to weapons are used for training. Each CS:GO war tool has its own unique features. The better you master them, the more effective you'll be at killing your enemies. Cheats will help you to achieve your gaming goals.


How do you give players weapons in CS:GO?

As we mentioned before, you can't use give weapon cheats during standard multiplayer matches. This feature is only available for single player battles. If you need to hand over some war tools to other players, you must drop it during the game session or send it via your inventory (e.g. gifts for friends).

How do you drop weapons in CSGO?

1. Open your in-game Buy Menu. To do this, press B. It's a default key for buying weapons. If the menu doesn't appear after pressing B, check your game settings. It's quite possible that you need to use another key.

2. Hold down CTRL.

3. Move the mouse over the weapon you want to drop and left-click on it. You can also press hotkeys that you use to buy war tools quickly.

Professional players can drop weapons in a special way. Imagine that some soldier is hiding behind the crates. If he leaves his shelter, he'll die immediately. Suddenly, his teammate appears and throws a sniper rifle at him from a safe place. As a result, the soldier kills his opponents in seconds.

Learning to drop weapons this way well takes practice. The console commands for giving game war tools will save you a lot of time. Once you're done with throwing one weapon, you can immediately move on to the next one.

How do you give items to other players in CSGO?

1. Open Steam, click on Friends and choose View Friends List.

2. Find your friend who you want to send items to, click on his or her nickname and choose View Profile.

3. Click on the small arrow in the right corner to open the dropdown list as shown in the picture below. Find Offer a Trade there.

4. Click on the images of the items you want to send to your friend. When you're done, check the box next to Click here to confirm trade contents.

5. After the warning message appears, click on the button that says "Yes, this is a gift".

6. Click Make Offer.

7. Click the OK button to move onto additional confirmation.

8. Go to your email account (e.g. Gmail) and find the letter with the Steam Trade Confirmation topic. Open it.

9. Scroll to the bottom of the email and click on Send Trade Offer.

10. If after all the steps above, you'll see an image similar to the one below, then the sending of your items was successful.

How do I give myself smokes in CS:GO?

Enable cheats via sv_cheats 1 and then use the following console commands. First of all, type sv_infinite_ammo 1 for infinite ammo. Your next step is to enter the give weapon_smokegrenade command which will provide you with the weapons you need. If during your grenade throwing practice you want to see the trajectory of the grenades you fling, type sv_grenade_trajectory 1 in your console.

How to stop using commands in a current game?

Just type sv_cheats 0 in the game console.

How to enable fists/bare hands?

1. Drop your knife. To make it possible, type mp_drop_knife_enable 1 in your console.
2. Switch the game to the Danger Zone mode. Use the following 2 console commands: game_mode 0, game_type 6.
3. Enable fists/bare hands by the give weapon_fists command.


The CS:GO commands for giving weapons are useful and powerful tools that help players to improve their game skills. Thanks to them, gamers can easily get any war tools without boring grinding or endless repetitive matches. They just type "give + code of the necessary weapon" and guns or knives appear in their hands. Be sure to make use of this feature.

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