What’s the Prime Status in CS:GO?

When you pay for Prime Status, you get better competitive matchmaking. Once it's activated, only Prime players will be eligible to play with you. Non-Prime users can interact with you if you and they are in the same lobby. Keep this in mind when playing with friends without Prime.

Prime Status also allows you to receive various rewards that aren't available to regular gamers. Although they don't provide any benefits during matches, don't dismiss them. For example, you can make good money by reselling skins that are almost impossible to get without Prime.

So, do you really need Prime Status in Counter-Strike Global Offensive? Without a doubt, yes! Its benefits offset the cost, which doesn’t exceed $15.

What are the benefits of Prime Status?

Prime Status has 4 major advantages. If you are still thinking about spending money on it, we hope that the Prime features listed below will convince you to buy it.

1. Prime Matchmaking.

Prime Status gives you a new matchmaking experience! Forget about games with toxic players and newbies with low ranks. After purchasing privileged status, your interactions with non-Prime users will be reduced to almost nothing. The quality of the gameplay will increase significantly.

2. Gaining experience.

Without Prime, you won't be able to gain experience in the game. And this applies to all modes. The lack of Prime Status also makes it impossible to get medals. Finally, it has a negative impact on ranked matchmaking. Even though CS isn't an RPG, getting XP is important here too.

3. Competitive ranks.

Every CS player who gets Prime can increase her or his in-game rank. The lowest rank is Silver 1 and the highest one is Global Elite. Every rank has its own unique logo. Silver 1, for example, is one standard triangular army shoulder mark. The Global Elite rank logo has wings, stars, etc.

4. Skins and weapon cases.

Skins and weapon cases are something like rewards for Prime users. To obtain them, you just need to play regularly. Subject to this condition, you'll receive so-called weekly item drops. If you are lucky, you can become the owner of an expensive skin and sell it to other fans of the game.

As you can see, Prime gives you a lot of unique opportunities. When you add Prime Status to your account, you earn XP, get access to all Community-operated servers, obtain free skins by playing your favorite game, and do many other interesting things.

How to get Prime Status in CS:GO?

  1. Create a Steam Account if you don't have one. To do that, follow this LINK and fill out the form, which looks like the one in the image below. Click the Continue button and follow the further instructions.
  2. Once you create a new account, you must download and install Steam. Use this LINK.
  3. Launch the Steam client after the installation is complete. Enter the access data that you specified when registering your account. Soon you'll see the Steam Store main page. Click on the search form on the right and start typing "counter". Select the first item from the drop-down list labeled Free. Install the game.
  4. Open your Library and go to the game page. Find the Store Page link under the big green PLAY button. Click it.
  5. On the page that opens, find the heading "Buy CS:GO Prime Status Upgrade". Click Add to Cart under that.
  6. On the next page, click on the Purchase for Myself button.
  7. Buy CS:GO Prime following the Steam instructions. Now that you have successfully placed your order, please accept our congratulations! From now on, you can play the game with a minimum number of toxic players. After your account is upgraded, you're ready for Prime Matchmaking, gaining XP, and obtaining ranks and skins.
    Note that you can't remove Prime Status from your account. We bring this to your attention because some players want to get rid of Prime and play without it. If, over time, you want to do the same thing, you'll have to create a new account.

Can you get CS:GO Prime for free in 2023?

No, you can't get Prime for free. The only way to get it is to buy it. When Valve began selling Prime Status, it caused outrage among lots of players. Many gamers refused to play on official servers because of this. Some people have even stopped logging into their Steam account!

When the passions subsided, a lot of gamers began to perceive the purchase of Prime as a normal thing. Indeed, about $15 is not such a large amount to blame the developers for a mortal sin. It's quite possible to spend it to play and get the most out of the online battles.


How do I get Prime Matchmaking in CS:GO?

Just buy Prime. You purchase it and you're matched against privileged users. By purchasing Prime, you also show your respect to the developers. Consider that you’re buying them a couple of beers for a job well done. This is more than a worthy reward for their efforts.

What level do I need to get Prime in CS:GO?

Previously, you became a Prime player when you reached level 21. Valve removed this feature in 2021. Since then, you can become a Prime user only after purchasing it.

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